Welcome to Demar's Kennels!

Diana and Marvin live here with our FRIENDS. 
We are breeders of AKC Registered Chinese Sharpei. 
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"Most look up and admire the stars.
A Champion climbs a mountain and grabs one"

The love of the Chinese Sharpei started back in the 70's when word of the "Wrinkle Dog" appeared.  At that time we were raising and showing German Shepherds and one very special St. Bernard.  Years past and finally that one Sharpei was brought home.  Since then, many more have arrived and are loved by us.
We have been blessed with 7 Champions:

CH Preshar's Outlaw Delta Dawn
CH Demar's Jukebox Hero
CH Preshar's Jay Walker
CH Demar's Dreamboat Annie
CH Epic's Demar Ain't Miss Behavin
CH Showbiz N Demar's Levon
CH Demar's Dancing Queen

This special breed is 'Human' and give their all for their people.  Besides the "Show Dogs", we house the ones that didn't quite make it as "Breeders", but just as important.  They are our friends and family.

Achy Breaky Heart

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